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Meet your partner on the road. Our new Driver app has officially launched. All you have to do is GO.… https://t.co/0aMSYPnGj0
RT @barneyh: Proud that @Uber has the opportunity to play a role in this important work bringing families back together. Excited to use our…
Happy to do our part by providing free rides and meals to nonprofits working with @FWDus to reunite separated famil… https://t.co/uP8t5qIf1b
We’re shining a new Spotlight on better pickups. As your driver approaches, just tap a button and a color floods yo… https://t.co/y7IYdVBkJ4
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To celebrate five years on the road in Mexico, we're investing in improvements to our Driver Support Centers across… https://t.co/j5MlcBocQr
We've partnered with Cargo so you can get what you need on the go. https://t.co/jTwkcPGox3
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New features, smoother pickups. We’re working to improve your trips before you even get in the car.… https://t.co/gSiDieeAMY
We've partnered with @venmo to make splitting your Ubers with friends even easier. To the over six million people w… https://t.co/nBMETcu0YM
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RT @tonywest: Thrilled to welcome my former DOJ colleague Scott Schools to ⁦@Uber⁩ as our new Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer. Scott exem…
Excited for the road ahead with @limebike. Whether you choose to ride, bike, or scoot, we're working to put your pe… https://t.co/8yBQSpXDYU