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RT @reddogdublin: Great thread here that tells you all about @ul and their rebrand. https://t.co/EsiAHNKqH0
WATCH: Today on campus UL unveiled its new logo which has been designed as part of an extensive brand refresh proje… https://t.co/PMhT9g7lAF
WATCH: University of Limerick shows off new brand at new city centre campus site VIA @Limerick_Leader… https://t.co/DA1diHrlIV
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@ULPresident "...Many focus groups and workshops with students, staff, external stakeholders, alumni and industry p… https://t.co/adGfTiq6yG
@ULPresident “This project has included the exploration of the University’s brand attributes & values and the devel… https://t.co/BfYdnEvQsI
@ULPresident “The objective of the refresh project was to create a brand which represents University of Limerick in… https://t.co/VfyMnTcI3E
@ULPresident "...This pioneering spirit continues today as we inspire learning and exploration that makes a differe… https://t.co/sbhNHhofXT
@ULPresident “University of Limerick was established through the power of the people of Limerick and the wider regi… https://t.co/wFMeNbVPKV
@ULPresident “It is a balance between heritage and modernity, innovation and the natural world. It draws from UL’s… https://t.co/FxI7kFCHVZ
@ULPresident “The new brand has been designed to show a bold, dynamic and future-facing University, while acknowled… https://t.co/VM4Gpp8uQp
@ULPresident One of the fonts used in the logo took its inspiration from the ‘Limerick demands a university’ sign w… https://t.co/06OkBdiqYw
@ULPresident New elements representing the UL flagpoles and the Shannon River have been introduced to reflect the c… https://t.co/m1W4G6apLc
@ULPresident The former brand featured symbols of the region, which have been retained; King John’s Castle represen… https://t.co/vqFipbpDbt
@ULPresident The new colour of green has been drawn from the original heraldic crest, which was awarded to UL by th… https://t.co/G2el6Ur57m
@ULPresident “Our brand reflects our pride in the University of Limerick, our ambitions for its future and the comm… https://t.co/HYppK7m7xJ
@ULPresident “Over the past year, 2,000 staff, students and alumni have been engaged in this brand refresh process.… https://t.co/a8fr9whoN2
The evolution of the logo remains true to elements of the original heraldic crest, but has been modernised for a di… https://t.co/UFL2V21uAh
A bold new look for UL has been unveiled after the first-ever reimagining of the University’s brand. A dynamic new… https://t.co/pdBqMmIyvz