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AI Assisted Music - what do you think about this? I am AI (Variation) - Song composed by AI | AIVA https://t.co/AThu7IQugr via @YouTube
The AI-driven social media network. Throw in a little crowd-sourced AI for good measure. hahttps://www.dazeddigitalhttps://t.co/1nGxBdeBQz
A European Union of TV? Broadcasters Team to Take on Netflix and Global Streamers https://t.co/zgBvidQhXh via @thr
The media has a big problem, Reuters Institute says: Who will pay... https://t.co/858EGb3Qm6
Thanks to drones, French wine tastes better https://t.co/kNUy3mf4bX via @staronline
New Report by the ITU on AI Future in Managing/Distributing TV Radio..link to pdf on right of this page https://t.co/9AgDfsPMsW
Baby Boomers Shared A Lot More Fake News Than Millennials During The 2016 Presidential Election via @IFLScience: https://t.co/dVR0QyxblN
Check out "Media for Democracy Forum #M4DF" https://t.co/r8TIN1h6yO via @Eventbrite
Want to Know the Secret of a Good Idea? It Could be Hidden in Language. https://t.co/OgwU0rqCKJ
Justice Department Warns Academy Over Potential Oscar Rule Changes Threatening Netflix (EXCLUSIVE) https://t.co/TXUtqCMVYX via @variety
'Five-dimensional' glass discs can store data for up to 13.8 billion years https://t.co/J8HEAsbMqu via @Verge
Tim Berners-Lee says we can still save the web https://t.co/mNj1KVTiCo via @Verge
United States citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021 https://t.co/QZ0X8mWJNg via @CNNTravel
Huawei’s Mate X foldable phone is a thinner 5G rival to the Galaxy Fold ..https://t.co/xkXE4LMwYt via @Verge
TCL is working on a foldable phone that bends into a smartwatch https://t.co/VdUR54nUFU via @CNET
Airline seats now equipped with cameras — aimed at passengers for videoconferencing? Issue: noise disturbance as w… https://t.co/cy7Rb8rxwh
Why is Netflix enabling the Saudi crackdown on press freedom? @AJEnglish https://t.co/1CZrIbOB1J
Quartz reviews CES 2019 and their developing gender race diversity issues and plans. Challenge: what really equaliz… https://t.co/uDtWw8ec6u
CES 2019: New Software Aims To Crack Down On Netflix Account Sharing https://t.co/FW4EgTje96
Marketing Through Smart Speakers? Brands Don’t Need to Be Asked Twice https://t.co/cUwWPZKBKO