FIRST Superstar to hold the @WWE World Hvt. Title and #USTitle simultaneously. #HappyBirthdayRollins @WWERollinshttps://t.co/DYrB4rcNc0
Just like he wasted no time in REDESIGNING, REBUILDING and RECLAIMING, we're wasting no time in wishing @WWERollinshttps://t.co/2b2AEx2tq4
RT @SashaBanksWWE: Born for this
RT @Total_Bellas: Everything's changing, #BellaArmy. We'll see you next week for more #TotalBellas. ❤️
RT @Total_Bellas: *Sobs uncontrollably* #TotalBellas https://t.co/db8wQBufuy
RT @BellaTwins: Halfway through my box of tissues after seeing how much pain my sister is in!!! You can’t ever hide how your heart feels. 🤧…
RT @Total_Bellas: The silence is killing us... #TotalBellas https://t.co/aa96VUK212
.@BretHart: The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be in the ring and in offering advi… https://t.co/ctE9vS2mQd
.@NaomiWWE brought the #GLOW, and then some, to @instagram last week! https://t.co/nnpIFOGMZ2 https://t.co/zU9Mhk9AxF
RT @Total_Bellas: Nikki wants something that she isn't willing to give up. ❤️ #TotalBellas https://t.co/e7HN9aZkGu
RT @Total_Bellas: Bad feeling about this. 😬 #TotalBellas https://t.co/sySXrSfcq4
RT @Total_Bellas: RT to send Nikki good vibes. 🙏 #TotalBellas https://t.co/hsLUabgoEQ
RT @e_entertainment: Yikes! We’d be anxious too, wouldn’t you? #TotalBellas https://t.co/Lq3h3Hvff8
RT @Total_Bellas: Of course Nikki's anxious, look at her to-do list: 🤯 Plan a Wedding Host Engagement Party Get A Dress Train for WWE Fami…
RT @Total_Bellas: Jaw-dropping. 😍 #TotalBellas https://t.co/AIqhsTmt3v
RT @BellaTwins: I blame everything on BrieMode lol #TotalBellas
RT @Total_Bellas: Brie's pregnancy radar is going off... 📈 #TotalBellas https://t.co/BjzwoJLDSH
RT @Total_Bellas: Have you Cena his shoe size? #TotalBellas https://t.co/nahcgZLwuQ