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I’m seeing the new Star Wars tomorrow. Quick, someone catch me up on what’s happened since 1976.
@MsShannonFisher Oh, I hope the country doesn't come to a screeching halt without Omarosa to do her job of...what was it again?
For sale: Leather vest with "Senator" embroidered on it. Never worn.
RT @PaulRyanGosling: Hey girl, now that Roy Moore has officially lost, the @GOP officially condemns his actions as a pedophile.
@alexanderchee @GDouglasJones Now I’m imagining all of the fabulous ways he can enter the Senate chamber. A satin r… https://t.co/vzxZOQ7tkd
It’s “famous skinny brunette actress rolls around in sexy sheets then scowls at sexy shirtless man then pilots a se… https://t.co/aSbkzmYO5g
It was so weird to go to sleep on an Election night without a 50 lb sack of dread, fear and disappointment sitting… https://t.co/j0LN7YqqoO
Good thing Moore has that horse so now he can ride off into the sunset and go f-ck himself.
Every day I’m thankful that Jeffrey Dahmer is dead so he can’t run as a @GOP candidate.
RT @dulcesloan: WE KEEP TRYING TO HELP YALL FOOLS!!! https://t.co/9vWGx9mgd4
I wish Roy Moore would just crawl back into the pickle jar from whence he was hatched.
@VollandMr @Mom101 Please to meet such fine St. Petersburg “man”, comrade!
CNN: “No matter which senate candidate comes out on top, the outcome flies in the face of the norm. If Roy Moore wi… https://t.co/nHh8w2vxpf
@longwall26 Nobody even pulls that shit here in Texas.
This morning one of my sons was freaked out because he only had 60 minutes to get organized for school, while my ot… https://t.co/cOQCbR0sHE
RT @CleverTitleTK: "One of Our Lawyers is a Jew" is a great book title.
@OhNoSheTwitnt @Mom101 @GMA Yeah, I'm cool here in Austin if she doesn't check my church attendance history.
@Mom101 @GMA "Who hasn't started a Facebook post with the words 'Dear Butthurt Americans'? What? There's a screenshot?"
@Riemerville @GMA She also said she thought the confederate flag photos were something "fun" at the time, I think.