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@CryptosBatman I got annoyed and just started tweeting, technically I only did 2 threads :P
And at least I wouldn't have to shill scammy projects on Twitter or in interviews to get enough liquidity to dump t… https://t.co/RqI1IqdaHy
I've been investing in companies that provide infrastructure for Bitcoin, I know that the returns on these investme… https://t.co/bQUQ965zTy
Example equity vs coin: Bitstamp got bought by a Korean investment firm. You could buy some equity in Bitstamp thro… https://t.co/lcsJhlaSMU
Ideally there is a story/narrative behind it that they can use to shill it "Bitcoin 3.0", "Bitcoin with better gove… https://t.co/g5HN9VuFLz
VCs and funds are just in it for the money. They need an exit in order to make money. Getting out of equity is a lo… https://t.co/tU5wuixySt
@bit_gossip @a16z I know, that's why I posted it. They're shameless. Instead of just shilling their bags, they're t… https://t.co/VhzaCWwzHW
If we do assume malice... Then he's just trying to shill some of his really really heavy ICO bags that @a16z ended… https://t.co/PYg6RlJalz
Bitcoin isn't just some piece of software. Bitcoin is hard money. Bitcoin is the base layer, like TCP/IP. That's… https://t.co/CxgfIy3Lj1
We should never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity. So let's try to educate the "stupid"… https://t.co/VnL8hywYUr
This is the perfect tweet to indicate why VCs in SV are desperately trying to invest/pump scams and vaporware proje… https://t.co/FypEeuvjrK
Me waiting for my @CasaHODL LN node to arrive while all the other cool kids are already playing with it. @lopp plea… https://t.co/2v5l0xaRLn
RT @TheBlueMatt: Why I think less of companies that accept investment from @a16z. It's really kinda sad how much they trashed their reputat…
@dickerson_des Things crypto people say when they can't afford an Uber anymore.
@BitCoinSusan Haha thanks, I didn't know.
Dumbest thing you will read on the internet today. https://t.co/XoHgA4pSZW