Xivgar_ (@Xivgar_)

always feeling extra good coming out of spin
how many people doubted you? a lot https://t.co/E2Kf5hFqPX
RT @RicoSuavayy: Nah Texas you good take you’re time I’m not ready for that triple digit weather https://t.co/srBrNZnNoU
RT @wrkhs: that baby pink is so pretty it's a need https://t.co/Bw9IoBGLSh
RT @BrotherNature: The pigs on this island are so wild 😂 https://t.co/oBfjiZ5ztX
i honestly think about it everyday, it was THAT good
missing the ceviche and cóctel de camarón we had in Colorado
RT @imheartIess: don't applaud a fish for swimming https://t.co/Wah6ap9D2b
RT @_abbssxoo: Honestly, I can’t wait for this https://t.co/ZQr4mXojXn
RT @sachieTV: my pet: does nothing me: https://t.co/B1kvYK7i6y
A year and half until graduation seems so far away especially with everything that’s happened.
RT @juannisaac: if i bite into a wing and taste vegetable everyone in the room catching these hands... https://t.co/pVFdptcmC7
RT @Dounnyya: Because they have girlfriends https://t.co/p1cD5TibEq
RT @PaisaTweets_: When your girl makes you mad on a regular basis but you still love her https://t.co/w3d657v9wA
@Jodyjoe21_ Sorry for your loss joe! Chin up!