YRNMarius (@YRNMarius)


@recklezz808 Can you please help me getting the Slamvan? I’ll give you some stuff in exchange
RT @DannyDeraney: This. Not only proof of evolution, but proof animals are better than us. Wait for it. https://t.co/GiD7AwEIPl
@AskPlayStation hey somebody Hacked into my account is there any way to recover it?
@AskPlayStation hello, I just received an email telling me that I have changed my email which I didn’t
@Fred_Mire @FUT_Economist Ay you fuckers gimme my packs I’ve wasted 5 hours to watch your stupid streams for nothing, yeah, NOTHING
Goluri: 4:45 (1-0) 6:23 (1-1) 6:56 (2-1) 11:28 (3-1) 12:44 (4-1) 15:20 (5-1) #PS4share https://t.co/cX6YQT9UQ7
@EA_GZaro @FUT_Economist hey guys can you bring Flashback Daniel Sturrige as a SBC Please ?