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@JoeBudden wen are the tickets goin on sale for the baby shower henny palooza?
@JaeAzizi @Jobre23 2k dead need to make hoodie melo playable. Giving bron work
@Jobre23 2k gonna have to make hoodie melo an unlockable cus he's been lookin like a problem
RT @go90Zone: If I had the #1 overall pick, I'm taking Hoodie Melo. https://t.co/VAbHHhHV3r
RT @zackfox: this nigga talkin about head https://t.co/viBeeSnfSQ
RT @WAYtooSMOOVE: Wifey and I sneaking out the crib in our 40's after we put the kids to bed to smoke a joint in the park... https://t.co/H
RT @ArnellSkywalker: Just in case ya thought I was joking 😂 a true YERRRRR gets one right back https://t.co/RZrluoaos3
Frank washed everyone on RAF tho. Just puttin that out there
RT @RoyalPurp: the rain would fuck up a lit BBQ but simultaneously be responsible for some of the best sex you’ve ever had all in one night.
RT @Jobre23: New York has Jay Z New York has Nas New York has Dipset New York has Cardi B New York has La Marina https://t.co/IdfjXRNM5x
Bring back spicy chicken nuggets @wendys
RT @killmefam: this new mario kart look insane https://t.co/cc6aiPiVVS
Happy Juelz Santana American flag suit day
RT @DOEDoobs: Dame Dash essentially breaking down Group Economics when it comes to building with YOUR people. Forever a GEM. https://t.co/H