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So why does the embassy need to keep people’s passports again? Do. Not. Go. https://t.co/i2s9DsGMW0
RT @serenawilliams: If they think your dreams are crazy, show them what crazy dreams can do. #justdoit https://t.co/m5xMlC3vhc
Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎁🎊🎈 @whoops_c . Cheers to more tennis victories and angst as well as everything in between. 😜
@HabzM @whoops_c Not right according to YOUR principles to which you are entitled to believe. Now as for the natur… https://t.co/fqINSI1iVZ
@whoops_c Seriously?
@whoops_c For real though. Mind your business. Let him be great.
@whoops_c This. If you are against homosexuality, don’t engage in it. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Simple. Don’t act like God will hol… https://t.co/30CulEFdZG
@whoops_c We juxtapose our tradition’s blueprint with Christianity and pretend they align. We pick what we love (eg… https://t.co/wPNv8nZgZC
@whoops_c 😒 Elo the myth that the Western world brought homosexuality to Africa. This is why knowing one’s history… https://t.co/Uu9bV3fqLh
@whoops_c They stay pressed about the sexuality of others. Cloaking their homophobia with Christianity.
@AbelMusuka @missbwalya @cleopas_sambo @bflowmusic @Oxfam Google is free. My emotional labor isn’t. The energy you… https://t.co/fTE2qQbvQs
Here is a thought provoking article by @VerySmartBros on it. https://t.co/RKmPmJ0a7s https://t.co/SFrUx5nd3p
@missbwalya @AbelMusuka @cleopas_sambo @bflowmusic @Oxfam Classic case of mansplaining. The mental gymnastics tho.
5-1? 😫😫😫
RT @sarahnpratt: My christian ethics teacher passed around a bowl of peppermints and left one unwrapped. When none of use chose the unwrap…