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Not one single lie told. Nary a lie. 🤷🏾‍♀️ https://t.co/YRwQBp1diP
@GirlCanWander Yaba. I remember Kalima and his reign of terror. Fortunately I didn’t get bullied by him because of… https://t.co/vdcQgIOgDe
RT @VPestilenZ: As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled! 👌 https://t.co/14GGJDQhRj
Bushe...what kind of pick-me logic is this? Believing that by not having her husband bathe THEIR daughter is actual… https://t.co/aS8oiyWenp
Of. Grown. Ass. Men. I find it oxymoronic that our ‘heads of the household’ need to be handled with kid gloves.… https://t.co/dOtsoInrN5
Wait. *sits down* Are these the same men who want to be the head of the household and yet they can’t control their… https://t.co/gWuHtVwUfT
And yet we have women caping hard for men saying how offensive #MenAreTrash is. What a hill to die on.… https://t.co/wV2TSzMsKd
@whoops_c Going ad hominem in a debate just because your arguments have been proved baseless is why you should just… https://t.co/fegyQwZprG
@Annhkay iCant with these nice feminists. “Let’s fix the men.” Seriously? As in have the oppressed fix the oppresso… https://t.co/4miFyhceL3
RT @Bad_Bunny97: Lol it's been over 3 years and people still don't know that #MenAreTrash is a # born out of a response to high rates of fe…
@CruzanChoklate Unnecessary. I breastfed mine for a minimum of two years so...
@Annhkay 🤣. I wonder if such feminists get hot under that cap? Capping for men who definitely ain’t capping for the… https://t.co/5AaBjbO7BD
Oh men, you are are uncomfortable? Good. Now fix your shit and stop killing us.