Zero (@Zero)

It's abhorrent and hypocritical that @TwitterSafety bans people for wishing harm only against a white American man…
@ScottAdamsSays You mean you didn't get the job because you were white ... supremacist? Wow, I stopped reading Dilb…
@MerriamWebster Can we please get "compersion" this year? That would be wonderful polyamory representation.
@jk_rowling So, you don't believe intersex people exist either, then? Please listen to trans voices.
Hey @Twitter - grow a spine and start blocking fascists. You have the power to shut off the propaganda.
What's it gonna take for you to realize transfolk are not a threat to cisgender people? Please do some homework; th…
@notch Transfolk have always existed. Closed-minded people have mislabeled them. Psychologists agree by consensus:…
*tips hat*
[looks around] Been a few more years. Still in private industry and off public social media. Hope y'all are well.
@Pinterest "Gypsy" is a racial slur in Europe and widely in America. I don't care how many entitled hipsters "self-…
@AJA_Cortes Tweeting about someone else's appearance is a sign of clinical narcissism. Worry about your own body.
Still here. Still working without social media. Sigh. Memories.
Some days I miss doing development work in virtual worlds. Good stuff, but the world doesn't want deep, prolonged immersion?
Hey @MartinShkreli how are you CEO of anything? your tweets are arrogant, childish, and lacking in any strategy outside emotional outburst.
@MartinShkreli I hope your drug marketing savvy is better than your social media savvy. You're worse than a war profiteer.
I love your work, @alyankovic ... but isn't it long since time "Fat" got retired? Is making fun of obesity still okay?
@TheRealNimoy Godspeed, brave traveler.
RT @TheRealNimoy: A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP