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RT @Jin_Butterfly: BTS' fandom is huge all over the world of course... but can we talk about how POWERFUL their USA fandom is? 3 #1 albums…
Props to @BTS_twt & @BigHitEnt for making dreams come true. Congrats to sienna. One of our girls! https://t.co/TnN7r7FMSQ
Still can’t get over Taehyung rapping under Yunki’s vocals. ⁦@BTS_twt⁩ #MakeItRight https://t.co/T5tIX4Wmif
RT @_caiatris: I'm still looking for Skool Luv Affair Special Addition. Anyone who knows where I can buy it?
RT @780613: sometimes u just need seokjin throwing a rose in slow motion https://t.co/wVjOb2BZOM
@MGMGrand Everybody wear PINK #BTSARMY
I have nothinb else to say masters of word play https://t.co/eNrfKHyz4v
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RT @bTEAces: Not @ how bts conquered US market and now EUROPE market. People can try to sabotage success by manipulating views but you can'…
@GWR @BTS_twt @halsey I appreciate the article but it is 78,052,562 views.
RT @estaetics: @GWR @PersonaToShadow @BTS_twt @halsey thanks,, actually it's 78,052,562 #PersonaUKNumber1
RT @btschartdata: 🇳🇿New Zealand Albums Chart #1 Map Of The Soul: PERSONA (NEW) https://t.co/6Id8U5rG1W
RT @bangtanboiph: At this rate, @BTS_twt could replace my country’s department of public works and highways for constantly PAVING THE WAY.
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RT @Awake_Aileen: PH ARMYs! We snapped did we not? @BTS_twt https://t.co/3EmBKy1igr
RT @btsvotingteam01: You made it Namjoon and we’re so proud of you! 💜🎉 Army Culture always give BTS whatever they want. I’m so proud of us…
RT @BBCNews: BTS become first Korean artists to top UK chart https://t.co/5VTq1v9vGo
RT @jiminiemochhhi: I watch this every night for clear skin https://t.co/Dlezs6M3UP
RT @jinsbanin: Can’t believe this video of Seokjinnie is just about to get 1M views, I’m super proud of Seokjinnie being at the center htt…