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I wanna know what goes through people’s minds sometimes 😂
*-$5.78 in my bank account* Friend: You tryna go out to eat? Me: https://t.co/t5SNyb2Jyc
RT @RexxLifeRaj: y’all gone be hella mad when i get on Sway and re-rap all these twitter verses .
When you both got the same birthday and both your names are Matt😂💪🏼 https://t.co/ABuUTdVDm0
RT @RexxLifeRaj: cracked a can of dice pineapples but i would never put them on pizza .. https://t.co/A11reNB7FQ
Jay Z ‘Reasonable Doubt’ 3) Brooklyn’s Finest 4) Dead Presidents II 5) Feelin’ It https://t.co/DwULo6O1vT
RT @215GtownKid: @SportsCenter I’m not understanding any of the backlash from players who play in the NFL and are getting paid and backlash…
EVERYTIME I go to foodmaxx, them mfs only got 1 check out lane open lmao
RT @crissles: Started REALLY feeling this a few months ago and granny ain't lying, it's the shit. 🔥 https://t.co/g5OTQ6gFlj
RT @denzeldion: No one causally says “nigga” by mistake. if it was said it means it’s in their everyday vocabulary and that’s just the tea