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RT @XXL: A long-awaited song from Meek Mill and J. Cole is coming "very soon" https://t.co/ypL21Rppuf
1 thing you can’t say about me is that I’m not working to get where I wanna be.
RT @T_Rozzay3: I feel nobody real as us but everybody great at somethinnn
RT @1DJFirstClass: Pac Ain’t Play Games When It Came To Time Spent In The Studio. Upcoming Artists Please Take Heed ✍🏾 https://t.co/cgwqaRK…
Again the vallejo police out here just horrible https://t.co/k20P271ECz
RT @mariabiscuit99: Stop. Fucking. Killing. Us. Get. Some. Fucking. Therapy. For. Your. Damn. Fear. And. Learn. Some. Bloody. Acceptance. #…
RT @AntiochTweets: When you hear Mac Dre play in The Bay http://t.co/ZD4TtkjANH
Only love I need today is coming from my family and the man above 💪🏼🙏🏼
RT @MeekMill: I seen n#%gas eat in front of me and make me watch while I was hungry!
This thang look scary af https://t.co/eeSJmkgrg2
RT @Diddy: Be polite. Be patient. Be happy!!!!
RT @KidFury: When is the last time you checked yourself?
Fuck Sheck Wes
RT @origi_nel: Sheck Wes must’ve forgot that Goldlink’s uncle is WAYNE PERRY.
RT @mefeater: “It’s not even an album it’s a EP!” Congrats to H.E.R on winning a Grammy for Best R&B Album 💕🙌🏾 https://t.co/pRfqAcuDcU
RT @TavianJordan: Look all these niggas doin something that the Bay Area started. Amazing https://t.co/1eMDJ9bxK3
Why can’t they shine together https://t.co/25676bDICv
RT @alezander: San Francisco, California through the lens of an iPhone XS https://t.co/JTHKmne3f2