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really didn’t but okay https://t.co/McOXImms6M
name me one time ‘getting an early night’ has gone to plan
“slithery cunt monsters inc” nah thats it im done https://t.co/L59SM8dY0e
@ebonykent13 it really is a shame that you don’t know how lucky you are
RT @Cal_757: Embarrassed? Ebony you should be ashamed of yourself, the man’s a hero https://t.co/lelUlnVjn3
RT @ShyonGredley: I promise you I watched this till the end straight faced. Our humour ain't the same, yours is dead https://t.co/6xREstvcNJ
RT @John_Kehoe: preston north end sneaking into the play offs https://t.co/BG6D8QGrMz
RT @BBCWorld: Chelsea confirm boss Jose Mourinho was arrested and cautioned after arguing with police about his pet dog. http://tinyurl.com
RT @PPSZN: *Suarez catches United on the counter attack* Herrera: https://t.co/iag11bNUwX
RT @Foxyproxy1313: Chat 💩, get slabheaded https://t.co/fwoKs2AFLX
RT @JamieClay_: not cute bare annoying https://t.co/9CZMzwDEQN
RT @millionairevic: I don’t understand this lifestyle at all https://t.co/vWuL1ylDQw
RT @w_kelly98: K Swiz with an absolute peach @KSwannick_99 and obvs Matts heroics not going unnoticed. Legendary stuff https://t.co/mk5EZha
RT @realmostack: I only trust girls on days that don’t end with a Y.
cringey but true https://t.co/78NGrI26Xx