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The time is 2.52pm, 19th January 2019. The tannoy says they have a surprise. Sherwood Bear and Robin Hood run on th… https://t.co/2NxssOh3aC
RT @Blayofficial: Live footage of Theresa May 😭😭😭 https://t.co/Xy9MMVTrmG
RT @WiggumCharm: James McClean is linked with Nottingham Forest. Good lord, this is the exact type of dad bothering content I pray for...
RT @MalcomAndyy: mind your fucking business erica https://t.co/XXEuIAYK6h
RT @_loisknight: still a week till pay day i’m cryin 😿
RT @NikoOmilana: only the best for my king 👑👼🏻 https://t.co/MzTvYS5fhi
RT @sethdarby: And the award for policeman name of the year 2019 goes to.... https://t.co/uPyHYu0YcA
RT @jinshijie0818: Keep a beard like Grabban😂😂😂 #NFFC #ThatLovingFeeling https://t.co/0Zo9e5PwqY
Peter Whittingham & Darren Pratley #nffc https://t.co/D9SMsJX4vs
RT @tdockers21: @nottmtails @KieranNffc29 Is he fit to play tomorrow Paul?
RT @HarveyLawrence8: @nottmtails @KieranNffc29 Hi Paul, is he fit for tomorrow?
RT @KieranNffc29: Is he fit for tomorrow paul https://t.co/kv1YqO764S
@nottmtails @KieranNffc29 Will he be fit for the weekend tails?
RT @KruegerXVI: You girls love saying “ would you like it if a boy did that to your lil sis” but is my sis gonna be a sket like you. Nonsen…
RT @adamkanzen: Me using Apple Pay https://t.co/BIfKPvMIRc
RT @MajesticMcClean: Whats more sore Rt for my astroburn Like for giving birth https://t.co/2wSRSaUDW5
RT @DanielB466: Jack Clarke literally sent this man to Scotland. What a boy #lufc https://t.co/FA3bLkdf7y
@reluctantnicko Ard Forest looking at him? Rumours we were in the summer and we need a left back