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RT @By8Ung: A want lassies who aren’t instagram famous to stop coming onto twitter trying to get the likes they can’t get on Instagram. Th…
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RT @lfctom124: This fucking cheat at my little brother sports day 😤😒Some people https://t.co/aPwqvURQOW
RT @bombanta: People who have laughs funnier than the joke >>>>>>>
RT @THotspurJoe: And this is why American TV can never be better than UK TV https://t.co/6ekJzSs7fs
RT @CityGroundShelf: How have I never seen the non Sky camera from the Derby game? Look at the fucking carnage in lower bridgeford when we…
Announcing the kit with a former forest target, a former forest player and a future forest player. I like it #NFFC https://t.co/CR2oveaYIl
16th June 2016. My 18th birthday. Forum in Notts. Limbs. https://t.co/QP0xxNEO64
RT @ekilhawa: I didn’t realise how much I needed to see a panda eat bamboo until now https://t.co/wmz5cX3fzO
RT @utdarena: Zidane: “I want Hazard, Jovic and Mendy.” Perez: “Say no more.” Mourinho: “I want Alderweireld.” Woodward: “Well slow your…
RT @stretchy99: In Thailand’s defence they have less players to choose from considering 90% of the population has a cock https://t.co/bbIiC
Wall-E wasn’t just a film, it was a prediction