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@keaneli I feel sorry for the huge pieces of luggage.
@keaneli Maybe try going to a stamp shop? 😂
RT @nise_shi: ok what the fuck I landed in america and I was randomly selected for a special security screening at border control and then…
@msswiggy Drink alll the things.
This is insane. What have you done, Europe? https://t.co/0VH7MaksGP
@shiflett They are moving to mobile app only payments
RT @deadprogrammer: Russian phones don't only have CPUs and GPUs, but also GRUs.
@deadprogrammer I can't believe the country of my birth got to be #1 in government blockchain. Out of 1 governments.
@keaneli That's how it was when McDonald's opened in Moscow in 1990.
@keaneli End the day with a steak
A withering takedown of the Republicans as a criminal organization that created Trump and is complicit in his actio… https://t.co/EXHe0uMGoI
@msswiggy What about bitter?
RT @Pinboard: John McCain's last political act and ultimate legacy was not resigning his Senate seat, ensuring it will be held by a Republi…
RT @Pinboard: ShopWith is bucking the conventional wisdom that YouTube "beauty influencers" should be purged from the Earth by cleansing fi…
RT @ChuckWendig: TUESDAY. The day you realize that nothing can stop you, because you are a MAGIC SKELETON packed with MEAT and animated wit…