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@backcountryco that page is kind of broken. Says no displayable messages found.
Don't let anyone tell you this wasn't an act of terrorism. https://t.co/T21BhLZpPe
@keaneli Crazy rodent or crazy problem?
RT @BTCarchitect: If Bitcoin was a City. https://t.co/jNBuWR7JAB
Okay, stop showing interviews of Neymar. He doesn't need any more attention.
@andrew_drinks where?
RT @iainlevine: All these countries have universal health care except for the US which spends the most and has the lowest life expectancy h…
On a plane. Headphone-less passenger across is watching Air Crash Investigation episode on his iPhone. Turn it up, man.
@deadprogrammer seems ripe for Bulgakov's M&M
@AskAmex I was assured that my Biz Plat card still has the 50% airline bonus (opened 10/16). But the bonus I received is 35%. Can you help?
@shiflett I feel honored
@msswiggy non Nando enough
Can't wait for Borat 2. https://t.co/ljwrxcgfvb
Nuke it from the orbit https://t.co/M9ihvj7s1W
RT @therealadam: New White House comms director can’t exit out of vi either. https://t.co/ouJBe2xbkh
It's clear that Trump has a debilitating brain disease. https://t.co/wSBi38UeKz
RT @Pinboard: The fact that a two-inch blood clot is saving the American health care system is another example of lazy writing by the 2017…