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RT @ochspioneers: Pioneer Pageant Day 2. Meme/Vine Day!! Lip Sync competition at both lunches today. Be sure and donate to your favorite…
We’re bringing cookies all week!!!
RT @LocalWonderboy: OH! FUCK! SHIT! WITCH! -Salem, Massachusetts (1693)
Pls donate to Haley and I for a cookie!!!
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RT @explicitcherry: Honestly, country is the last thing I thought lana would do in the new era but I’m here for it
RT @GUBLERNATION: yeah that’s right 89 tabs, and it’s about to be 90, i don’t give a dang, i need them ALL
You are human garbage
Thank you @lanadelrey for spending 160 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #2018Wrapped
RT @itsrjhill: “Damn who got u smiling so hard?” First off, I’m on Twitter.
RT @illutima: me on the Instagram explorer page looking at soap cutting videos after telling people I’m going to sleep
RT @AHS8Apocalypse: Ryan Murphy confirms that the witches will return in a future season #AHS
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RT @Hunty_dumpty_: Cocaine is addictive and has ruined the lives of millions of people but it also gave us Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey so…
RT @elsweatshirt: me: i'm so good at handling stress wtf literally anyone: how are you? me:
RT @ayeeitsjasarry: i had a week.. a WHOLE WEEK to catch up on my assignments but what did i do: 💞💓💗💖💘💝💖💗 💖💓n o t h i n g💘💕…
RT @Theswagboyq: When you realize your break is over and you didn’t touch your homework
RT @LTMarmo: The romaine empire has fallen. Caesar is dead. Lettuce pray.