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@jeffybarbosa89 @btsportfootball @B_Fernandes8 @rioferdy5 He would probably play better in spurs or Liverpool coz t… https://t.co/JjZZ8NhZMB
@goal Subbing my self off
@goal Ndombele < Pogba Auba > Kane Telles > Chilwell and Regulion Reece > TAA
@goal Everyone saying his bad?, he’s amazing, the only issue with him is that his flashy long passes will slow down a counterattack
@KZN22_ Haaland Felix Greenwood and Fati Camavinga and Foden
@goal Pep has the most anti-pep players 😭
@goal Mourinho Cruyff SAF
@goal Eric learning Mind games from Jose, you love to see it 😭😭😭
@CFC_Raf *Roman’s Money pull
@nickbland13 @Football__Tweet Ndombele or Telles would be more beneficial than rashford or son tbh
@Thabo35098460 @goal So ur telling me a solid defence with a front 4 of Ziyech, Pulisic, Havertz and Werner isn’t g… https://t.co/8pyXVX6EcH
@GoalNews @goal @RBairner Same as what happened to Lingard, Alli , Sanches. They all got overhyped by the media and… https://t.co/BcSkqsc8tI
@Thabo35098460 @goal Not relegated but ur correct, they rely on individual brilliance like united, but that is beca… https://t.co/dTKkwKRUW1
@babuyagu True, only sissoko has higher fitness levels in the prem , both are underrated tbh
@KDBseason Best positioning of all players but finishing isn’t consistent
@ExplainedTrey What he does in united is elite, but I don’t see him play as effective in any of the top 6 other than arsenal or maybe spurs
@KZN22_ Options and amazing positioning