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@vinnygarr First let’s hope there is no Sparta of today.
"The plague had serious effects on Athens' society, resulting in a lack of adherence to laws and religious belief;…
The Plague of Athens resulted in the end of Ancient Greece as a superpower History rhymes.
@johnbiggs gotta stay relevant. #genz Lord of the Flies, what an apt thing to be quoting.
(This is a note to self.)
You have no idea what anyone else is going through, especially during COVID, so please err on the side of empathy.…
@alepouda Oh is that what Brexit means?
Lol Brexit and Populism for everyone except for the elites (on both sides of the aisle) who continue to do whatever…
RT @aileenlee: Please send to any female founders who have already raised a seed round & want help knocking it out of the park! https://t.c
@Jnyflower "Oh what a perfect time to refloor! We'll just go to the country house."
A global pandemic, where all of your neighbors are stuck inside and working, is not the time to start construction on your house.
@shwetakatyal_ Our artistic movement is called ClubHaus cc: @pdavison
They are Gen Z's version of artistic movements e.g. Dadaists, German Expressionists, Bauhaus, etc
One of my portfolio cos @catchdotsocial is looking for a community manager if that's you. cc: @cemkozinoglu
Trash launches “Vibe Check” — Social media impressionism according to @joshconstine
@danprimack @rohanrkumar And every content company wants to be a software company.
@web @ashleymayer For the edification of other D2C founders listening, what is this flywheel?
@web @ashleymayer Yes. My question: What makes an exception?