alexia (@alexia)


@meganbytes94 With Godfundme integration
Asking someone if they are pregnant is the rudest question in all of questiondom
@alex They could have just Trumpily left everyone wondering whether they made a ridiculous, trollish ad on purpose.
@panzer @johnbiggs It straps its feet into the Peloton pedals or else it gets the hose
@alex I think this is the best one and it was sold out for awhile.
@rsg Pretentious toothpaste + gravity blanket 🎁
I don’t care if it’s from your aunt or uncle or your co-worker Secret Santa, you’re getting a weighted blanket
Spoiler: Everyone is getting a gravity blanket for Christmas this year.
@zebulgar @MikeIsaac @jmj Brianne raised a fund because Brianne works her SaaS off.
RT @timoni: @alexia Interesting. Someone who owns a home gave me, a renter, Aesop hand soap as a housewarming gift and all makes…