alistair (@alistair)

The question "Why do we need to wear masks in the shop but not in the pub?" was in the news headlines. I can't wait…
@smsm1 @cazm Oooo, tartan would be fun. @LNER where can I get one or are they just for staff?
I am wondering why branded face masks is not a thing yet. If seems a logical step on from branded t-shirts to me. P…
@Podnews I prefer it with the bullet points myself. Much easier for my brain to parse.
@oomlout @Freerange_Inc @coldclimate @jackrooke You had me at the word robot. I'm in. :-)
@alittlebit @schmattt I did the maths and that bulb uses more power than can be delivered to my house.
@minxlj @astro_graph @cazm I never considered that duks were possibly space aliens before now, but it makes a lot of sense.
@ramshaw I don't understand. It doesn't make any sense. Are we 100% certain this is not from a satirical sketch sho…
@kianryan Almost the same here. No joint problems, but instead I feel like I have been passive smoking for decades.
@hobbs Why would I go with anything other than the aircraft carrier? It is perfect for you.
@0xFae Having spent the last month trying to access underlying 802.11 hardware through various abstraction layers f…
@hobbs So, I voted. I would like to apologise to all consented for encouraging him. Sorry.
@0xFae That is disappointing. What board is it?
@alisonlaurabell @semiBad For coffee? No. For tea? You have found my weak spot. My gibberish is yours. :+)
I have just finished watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for the first time in around, err, 38 ye…
@minxlj @BBCArchive @cazm I note the message about not trying this at home. What about the park? Or perhaps the office? ;-)
@jondavies @minxlj @cazm @Harani66 Much like when he put the warning "do not look in to big scary laser with remain…
@minxlj @dodo @alittlebit @schmattt @Carole29 @cazm @hobbs If I can't see you then you can not see me. :-)
@minxlj @dodo @alittlebit @schmattt @Carole29 @cazm @hobbs If I can't see you then you can not see me. :-)