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RT @hoegenic: me: i’m so good at handIing stress wtf IiteraIIy anyone: how are you me:
RT @ceedeeaye: choose one and retweet for good luck
@tatisxo pls imy
i feel like a weight lifted off my shoulders
i cannot tell y’all how at peace i feel rn
i know i tweeted about my job an hour ago, but fr fuck this job. i cannot wait to clock out n hangout w my frands
bums always make it out
gotta stop apologizing for being me
also fuck this job and everyone who’s walked in this bitch
keep that same energy
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RT @ayinaja_: Then there’s bibby😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I cannot make this shit up
RT @MeechIsDEAD: I only want consistency.
RT @PonchoDaGod: Bobby Shmurda Comes Home Next Year
RT @brendonisdead: me coming in to work and seeing my favorite coworker is there too
RT @persianthoughtz: Being this type of friend sucks because you expect the same back but that’s not how it works haha
RT @918Flacko: Worrying about shit is time consuming so i don't do that
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