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RT @Abdulmir19: My alarms at 6:00, 6:05, 6:10 and 6:15 trying to get me out of my bed
RT @brfootball: The city of Naples pays tribute to Diego Maradona 🇮🇹
RT @JackPittBrooke: Tanguy Ndombele is just an astonishingly good footballer. Look at him go! He's unbelievable!
RT @thespursweb: Paul Pogba this. Kevin De Bruyne that... It's all about Tanguy Ndombele. World class.
RT @ashybashycashyy: lol just bc you’re older it does not mean you deserve respect, earn it like everyone else.
RT @metdell: Me at everybody's desk trying to learn everything they know before exam starts.
RT @TrollFootball: Congratulations to Aubameyang for winning the Arsenal's Premier League goal of the month award for his penalty against M…
RT @blxcknicotine: sometimes bad things happen, for no real reason and you can’t do anything about it. that doesn’t mean you’re a bad perso…
RT @elleyaaaa: this is embarrassing i rarely smile in pictures 😅😳🥱🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏻