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Fences - stunning film. Beautiful story, performances esp. @violadavis stealing our hearts and tears. Wish I'd caught the play! #fencesfilm
RT @pinkasterology: catch the 1975 smoking spliffs under a table during the #BRITs2017 how about that ?
I am sick of getting emails from professionals with spelling mistakes. Come on, what does that say? #unprofessional #spellitright #admin
@alexandtea yes please! After your show next weeks let's check in and work out a time for wine x
Always a pleasure to see a smiling familiar face at an audition @alexandtea .🙃. 🎼🎤
RT @BIFA_film: #ShortflixUK seeks young people aged 18-25 to make a short film for @SkyArts @creativeengland @NYTofGB @SkillsetSSC https:/…
@CharlesCradd ha ta. Life's not that bad. It's the idea of this weekend that's putting more if a downer on it lol.
When it's just not your week. #oneofthosedays #passmethewine 🙄😒😒
@andrewberekdar shock, yes!
I love it when you ask a professional questions related to their topic and they answer plain and rudely. So helpful. #peopletalk #whytheneed
@TomJampot sort it out jammo! Best place for plays.
RT @The_Actors_Lab: Don't let the doubt and the fears kills your dreams and your goals. #WednesdayWisdom #ActorsLife #ActingWorld https://…
@ChrisJarman2 gave box of choc to FOH at @HPPlayLDN 4 no reason other than he's a caring lovely guy & we all work together. #wedoappreciate
When someone asks you for a selftape, & explains how they want you to say the lines... buddy, that's our job, no? #selftape #actorwoe
May be a good actor but let's not forget those sexual assault claims yeh? People don't deserve to get away with tha…
Lovely coffee with @union_mgmt this morning, as ever.
Finally joined @ActorsGuildGB and booked my first workshop with the fab @Sonia_Casting Exciting! #actor #scriptwork #comedy #tv #workshop
@carisrianne haha this put a smile on my face!
RT @hannah_elsy: Cycling accident: knocked into road by driver looking at @Uber on phone. Unharmed but others may not be lucky. Improve you…
Some past footage received, and realising you kinda still remember most of those lines! #feature #misscom…