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RT @GossiTheDog: After a 50 hour outage at 15 datacenters across the US — impacting cloud, DSL, and 911 services — CenturyLink say the outa…
RT @c3streaming: 35C3 Opening Event starts NOW. The #35c3 streams are here:
RT @chaosupdates: Hackers Make a Fake Hand. Vein authentication: “When we first spoofed the system, I was quite surprised that it was so ea…
@InitiativeVinci Agreed, but how do I get it out? And possibly make a profit from it!?!?
@TheEconomist How does it erode privacy even further??
@tdkinser To most politicians, wealthy and people in power this means nothing.
@CenturyLink As customers, we want a detailed post-mortem report written by engineers, not by PR or marketing inter…
RT @TWiT: It took over 500lbs of raw material to make your smartphone! @kwiens from @iFixit explains and goes through the Google Pixel 3 XL…
RT @SBNationCFB: 21-0 Boise over Colorado State and we got three quarters to go!
RT @i_bo0om: It works! :) My favicon.ico: push graphic-context viewbox 0 0 640 480 fill 'url(localhost"|curl "`curl MyHost/i/?imagewarn -…
@ErrataRob Get Facebook Portal, much easier 'Login With Facebook' button.
@brunoborges JavaScript Driven Predator Drones
How many automated/fake adv clicks before pays for itself and starts turning profit?
My univ biology/law prof would approved this:
@fak3r Had that issue before, probably more common than generally acknowledged.