andrewsowired (@andrewsowired)


Boomers trying to pay for parking at a kiosk. God help me
@DameMyniah @vmochama I grew up outside Saint John, NB and only learned there was slavery in Canada when I did my o…
Big fan of the word “susurrations”
@sparklymegz My work life isn't boring. Is that a good thing? I don't know
@hpstrawberries coworker came back after knee surgery and I just overheard this
"Let me feel your scar. Feels good, nice and smooth" I want to go home
I need a nap. Instead I am having a red bull
@sassypants81 "everything happens for a reason!" *looks them up and down* even your hair?
@DVATW You have the luxury of dying before the world falls apart. Not all of us do.
@labradorrose but would they die for me? I need a cinnamon bun I can count on
Tart and Soul: Good or..?
What if I worked at a job where people weren't passing out on the street or having seizures during lunch? What's th…
Hello I am the world's sweatiest man
@zone_pelagique Yep, another guy came over and helped
@girrl_friday Had lunch with Lisa right after so debrief accomplished
@bealangi He didn’t want anyone called so it wasn’t an issue!
@Seebo429 Stopped myself, does that count?
So that was a thing that happened
And just had to run help a guy who had a seizure in the food court at scotia square