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@labradorrose So I think they are good, they are probably an intermediate step to always just ordering online, but…
@labradorrose It’s sort of.. nuanced? Being a cashier sucks, I’ve done it. People shit on you constantly because th…
Just saw a guy pick up one of those sawhorses they use to block off the sidewalk and throw it at a guy. Everything…
@laurakrabappel "sure a grab is assault, but what if it's a playful, consensual grab? WHAT. THEN"
@halfcup_awesome @Labville @Seebo429 @katynotie It is definitely a reflection of the late 80's
@halfcup_awesome @Seebo429 @katynotie Not too young but not familiar with it!
@GeriatricPunkNS @hpstrawberries This is.. this is ridiculous. I hope I'm not the only one planning to steal his plate if its reinstated
@halfcup_awesome @katynotie It's probably originally Graeber or something
I just learned that micro fishing is a thing and it's really just super cute
@Seebo429 @GayleCollicutt I'm gonna put some rat poison in with my compost
@Seebo429 @GayleCollicutt I find this morally repugnant and legally questionable. I will be talking to my lawyers
My job would be perfect if they changed two things: 1)I could do whatever I want; 2) where I want
@laurakrabappel Well that's certainly opening up a whole new terrible world for her
@Seebo429 @GayleCollicutt throw this cursed image back into the pit it came from