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RT @_gere33: Some of y’all’s parents didn’t make you get a job at 16 and it shows
RT @kelllicopter: piercing lady: wash it with saline and be sure you DON’T TWIST IT me: of course!!! me, one second after leaving the sto…
RT @AmoNickk: I don't get how people afford life without a job ??? I can't even afford it with a job
RT @Badhed_: why did he put homie in a suitcase like that tho
RT @TakeCarePT2: the best thing about dogs is that u can act like something really good just happened and they’ll instantly start celebrati…
RT @sugarymingles: me entering twitter knowing nobody cares about me and my tweets:
RT @hiimynameissara: some of y’all never lied to your parents about being at a sleepover when you were really dead in a field from drinking…
RT @kingboohoo: wait this is the best one
madison’s obsessed with the way I eat my food & I honestly think it’s the funniest thing ever
RT @JordanRutledge: she call me daddy so I ask how damn long it’s been since she checked the oil in her car
RT @itsKhyamii: So this lady came in this morning and walked up to the front desk to greet us before gasping loudly and saying “I forgot my…
wowowowowowowowow i’m shook
RT @chuntichino_: “oh shit, I guess it’s not fake..HAHAHA”
RT @nid_naveed01: No, I literally end up forgetting to reply
RT @weston_scott99: Saw this on Facebook and I figured it belonged on twitter
why you so concerned with me & my life 🙂
RT @antoniiogarza21: i have big forehead syndrome 😔