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The Gillette ad talked about raising men not to harass and rape women. If that offends you, let’s talk about findin…
Oh my god happy Blakeversary #MyTwitterAnniversary
RT @DollyParton: "We don't have sweet tea but you can just put sugar in the unsweet, it'll be fine." 😪
@wanderinjewess okay putting on socks now
Feminism is knowing female great whites grow larger than males. It’s called big Jaws energy. 🦈
RT @chustoo: Mitch Mcconnell when AOC finds him
RT @JordanUhl: Cardi B just posted this on Instagram #CardiB2020
I just heard my neighbor yell “homo” in his apartment and idk, do I knock or just walk in?
Lee also kicks out students for being LGBTQ+ and women who are pregnant before wedlock. Human rights and decency is…
Rupaul can speak Portuguese but doesn't know the trans flag o k.
Alicia at Moe’s yelled at me for asking for lettuce on my stack bc they were out and I’m never trying to eat healthy AGAIN
Note: I’m addressing the author of this misleading tweet, not Rep. Omar.
Speculating about people’s sexuality only reinforces discrimination against LGBTQ+. This is not okay and it’s downr…
I'd much rather have what some sexist voters call "whiny voice" Gillibrand as President than a man who says "grab them by the pu**y".
@shelbyprender13 meet you there?
@NoahvanMierlo Potluck with Pride
Whoever subscribed me to get updates from First Baptist: I’ll see you in hell
yet again, the word "Christian" associates itself with bigotry, hatred, violence, hate, and evil.
RT @INDIEWASHERE: the whole 'you' netflix discourse of people saying rooting for the main guy even though his a stalker deranged killer is…