briggsycoys1 (@briggsycoys1)

@TheSpursExpress Not great, won’t make it I don’t think. Didn’t show much pace!
@Dan_KP Shame Harvey white isn’t on loan
@oliviajade_att Absolutely not you nutcase
@LastWordOnSpurs @RickSpur To be fair they did have 22 shots
@Carra23 Probably the only Liverpool fan who rates him!! Best striker in the world!!!
@LeeHoppy16 @TheSpursExpress I know mad, one of those players who does all the donkey work for the attacking players to shine!!
@LeeHoppy16 @TheSpursExpress He’s been excellent but that stat is a bit concerning. If he gets injured we’re fucked
@em_sandy @philmcnulty Build the team around him and Kane for Christ sake!!