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RT @crystalmerz: Cowley EM volunteers are sponsoring the Dexter BBQ 5K/2M event on July 9. For more info: https://t…
Why hurt the person you say you love?
Would be nice if I knew that you cared instead of you ignoring me every time something is wrong....
So thankful to have Braydon and Caydon(: I love them both so much<3 @BBadley97
I know I've been lied to!
@JayKelly10 thanks(: you can anytime.
Wishes he still liked to hang out with me like he does everyone else
Was having a good day then all went bad..yay...well at least I have Caydon to make me feel better!
People irritate me
Loves the little noises and faces she makes(: #MyLittleGirl
Gonna eat and sit with Braydon and Caydon!(: @BBadley97 #LoveThem
@JayKelly10 I dont know I will have to check
@JayKelly10 whenever you want to
@JayKelly10 you can see her sometime!