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Honestly can we just have gun control already so I can get excited about drawing dragons guilt-free
I’m on the verge of tears. Every day I miss my friends. Every day. Enough is enough. I’m tired of mourning. We need change.
@LordSheo1975 Ugh I hate beans but I applaud you
Why am I looking at makeup memes??? I don’t wear makeup??? I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT EXACTLY CONTOUR IS???
I just ate about a pound of pineapple someone stop me I have no concept of eating healthy
RT @Emma4Change: Happy birthday Alex Schachter ❤️🦅❤️
A bullet weighs more than a thousand thoughts and prayers
RT @ItsAlexJackson: rt if your account is a safe space to any and all LGBT+ people no matter their sexuality or pronouns.
RT @WomenWhoResist: All LGBTQIA+ are welcome here. ❤️🌈
RT @spacequeensoph: I Wish Older Adults Would Stop Using My Age To Try To Invalidate My Arguments (Especially On Subjects I’m Very Qualifie…
@sargesalute Do you… do you know what stonewall is???