casforachange (@casforachange)

@rangerlongshot That’s the best pun I’ve EVER heard
@RevDavidPSmith I’m a twin. She only had plans for one child.
Sometimes you need not to ask “why is Cas stuck in a field?” but “who let Cas get stuck in a field?”
@laurencharp @ReadySetRock75 You’re fucking beautiful don’t forget it ❤️
Can we just go one fucking day without a shooting. ONE FUCKING DAY!
@pleasantandy dm me lets talk
@caleebsuccs Is this mother fucking Book of Mormon
RT @lexforchange: I’ve literally never heard anyone say this
@CrazyCharlie03 @KristinLam1 I know isn’t it wonderful
RT @John_Papanier: We need a #FamiliesBelongTogether march.
RT @SteveBecher: Father’s Day feels bittersweet today. I am lucky to still have both of my kids and I feel indescribable sorrow for my fell…