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If your 30 games below .500 for your career maybe it’s time to try a new method???? Hide a lot of stuff but the los… https://t.co/Do6AeGkSmH
RT @OKState_SigmaNu: @thacoachmike we+ 80 others all promise to come to every single game if you give a look at our guy @surritte_jake. htt…
New trend? I love it! Not an OU fan BUT I love what they are doing. https://t.co/i8UcmeVGqA
@smitty_coach I think it’s funny the kid is getting bashed for choosing to make more money? 😂 freak athlete and deserves to be paid as such.
That being said the A’s took a big risk drafting him that high. IMO......
Dudes extremely talented. It will be Interesting to see what the A’s do but I’m betting he’ll be in the draft. https://t.co/LiYTgVfeKr
Ready to watch @makaylab_22 get going again! https://t.co/kyniF47r4X
@smitty_coach Need way more than him. I’m serious though he a good fit?
@smitty_coach You like that or nah? Does he fit the OU offense? If he threw well he’d still be the guy at Bama right?
@surritte_jake He’s my first pick in a game of twister!
@makaylab_22 making it sing today.... https://t.co/UJfq4hl3Oe
RT @Lamborghini_2_: My advice for guys that are about to go through JUCO. Number one keep God first, two make nothing but good grades.. thr…
Sis Putting in that work!!! https://t.co/P3ZXYXV7H6
If you eat lunch in Skiatook and don’t do Macs BBQ go ahead and punch yourself in the sack. Go ahead I’m waiting.
@PaulkSportsMed thank you for coming by!
If your athletic trainer doesn’t have these bad boys to knock out leg soreness your missing out! Get with… https://t.co/3JHTJ7xA0K
@JimmySherl What all can you do with this sir?
What did they think was going to happen? https://t.co/otPsECqP5M
RT @CoachBragg918: Can’t believe that after all of the ejections today, Bevo gets to remain part of the game. Clearly he lead with his head!
There are kids that you follow from the time they was kids as a coach. This kids one of them! Always enjoyed talkin… https://t.co/QQwm8ZXTxv