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@Lennartwesel @CatsterQed niet echt of echt niet?
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@jc_andreae he gefeliciteerd!
ik denk dat ik deze nu voor de vijftiende keer achter elkaar aan het luisteren ben.. Feel So Good by Jamiroquai… https://t.co/mHcQpCpOjn
RT @malmosands: @internetofshit samsung product designers right now https://t.co/iXYMr4FVQi
RT @internetofshit: why the fuck doesn't it just close the door itself if it's so smart https://t.co/1HHqJhCtFH
dit is zo chill https://t.co/TqwvUVkaTl
@8BitBas hallo pokemon is awesome
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Every Nigger is a Star by Boris Gardiner https://t.co/o8zdbIbHAl #NowPlaying
@esa @tychografie kijk dit font
RT @designboom: virgil abloh's 12-story sculpture for louis vuitton pays homage to wizard of oz https://t.co/4G05aZ3YCY https://t.co/WX9sdY
RT @cjciaramella: I'm sorry I thought this was America. https://t.co/stgXaYYa4R
@chad Please consider translating this tweet https://t.co/KXy5XPJWzo