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gave half these boys a role
RT @jas0sn: cheater: carrie underwood to both headlights:
why do people care so much about the former first daughter... mind your business... just like she minds hers
RT @PaisaTweets_: "I'm not drinking tonight" Me 7 shots later:
RT @musicnewsfact: Lady Gaga is set to release a NEW ALBUM soon, according to Hitsdd! "There are whispers of a new Gaga album on the way."…
RT @elijahdaniel: rihanna outfit astrology is my new favorite astrology
RT @angeI_xcx: was Ryan Murphy smoking actual crack when he wrote scream queens
RT @tyannatimbs: i can’t stop laughing at what i just made
RT @notearIeftocry: ariana really has the #1 album and the #1 and #2 songs in the US, UK, and Australia
rico nasty’s music truly is a spiritual experience
RT @ArianaGrande: happy six months to our fourth child. what’s your top three off ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍs? 🌫🦢🌑
RT @Charcoal_life: Folding table: *exists* Frat guy off two mikes hard lemonades:
RT @BITCHEMOTICON: me breaking something my mom told me not to play with
RT @smitcantread: small mammals after the dinosaurs got wiped out
RT @channingb10: if you didn’t stick with her through bangerz don’t try to bounce back now
RT @fentybeauty: Before it’s all over... we wishin y’all well 😂 #ValentineDay @TiffanyPollard
oof... someone drown this biological mistake
RT @MortalKombat: Did you miss her? The ultimate stealth assassin makes her triumphant return in #MK11! Tune-in to…