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RT @blippoblappo: Judge Carlton Reeves just struck down Mississippi's abortion ban as unconstitutional - and man, the opinion is really som…
RT @courtneyklee: Say you’re from a small town to someone else also from a small town and it’ll turn into some weird competition like: Ho…
if my future husband isn’t like clark griswold when it comes to christmas i’ll divorce him - we’re gonna have the hap-hap-happiest christmas
@sophiebalmer3 the dream team has to stay strong 😂
@samcowan_19 i need her @ 😂😂😂
@sophiebalmer3 😂😂 i figured she’d come around but i think she’s just going to stay awful
lolll girl just because your mom is high up in management DOES NOT mean you can just do whatever you want to at wor…
an el camino is all i want in life ☹️
i want one of our senior superlatives to be “most that’s what she said jokes” because i know 110% id get that 😂😂
RT @trulldc: My 96 y/o Mom reacts to seeing first snowfall after moving to DC from Miami-
RT @erinfoster76: I’m so sick of people saying “don’t get an abortion, give your baby up for adoption” Do you know how many kids don’t ge…
@Hannahmariee012 heck yeah 😂
it is seriously my dream to go see this
RT @excusemelee_: “In 500 feet take exit 156” But your friend doing 87 mph in the far left lane in traffic.
@DrTimMcDonald i would take all of the river crossing residents home if i could
i want to adopt a grandparent 😭😭😭
@humphreys28 wrongo 💁🏼‍♀️
@ICondra until i found out UK has a better program and is significantly closer !! #yeet
@ICondra i bleed blue hunty