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RT @Nicole_Cliffe: Would it be helpful for me to explain the current Royal scandal w a great deal of personal editorializing?
RT @AsToldByNeon: Prince William & Jay-Z bonding over being ugly and cheating on their far more superior wives
RT @EricHolthaus: It's official: Cyclone Kenneth is now the strongest storm to make landfall in recorded history in Mozambique -- and in th…
@imagine5sos5 @softcthood Dunno,, ask y/n
RT @wherecultureis: british press when they found put prince william cheated on kate
RT @minebbybe: retweet if you’re older than twitter
RT @daintyviolet: this is the world we fucking live in where not even chickens can afford an umbrella to protect their kids. men are trash…
Mate for 160 euros i saw bastille, haim, demi lovato and bruno mars (for two days) mate ur not that special
RT @spiderboy_peter: Sister Stark, where’s my sister shield?
RT @joshxdavid: ain’t nobody gonna get an abortion on their due date. stop this nonsense
@kurtisconner YOOO TAURUS SQUAD
RT @Siobhawnmay: Idk what Americans would say if they seen the way Irish and English girls tan lmao
Me: Cherry girl twitter: paris uwu
RT @EleanorxNeale: how the FUCK was this allowed to air?! shocks me to my core that someone would say something like that in general, never…
Riverdale writers brain be like
RT @shazamstark: i am ⚪️ happy ⚪️ content 🔘 big sad because 🔘 andi mack was not renewed for a season 4 despite the show doing so much…
RT @JennRavenna: “Is it tho?” vs “It is, bitch.”
My mum would die if we don't clean every weekend
@chloegirI @DiorsCherie Lol where is it boo