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@Jaack Behave yourself. Coincidentally they'd be worth every penny if they were £50 each
Yeah the British public messed up Brexit but at least we voted Toff as Queen of the jungle so all’s forgiven
Highlights of the Manchester Derby
RT @bcfctweets: GOAL: Sheffield United 1-2 #BristolCity, Flint 90. #SHUvBRC
20 Greatest Football Moments Of 2017: via @YouTube
@lbrownsword2002 Ahdbdjakabdhajababs
I hope all you people who quote my YT bio from 2013 that ambitiously read “4 videos a week” are keeping tabs on the…
Scoring Alan Shearer's BEST Goal Ever | Perfect Recreations #2: via @YouTube
RT @Ixwie: When their Instagram is on private so you gotta squint to see their profile picture
Triggered. CC: @Caley_graphics
Dunno what kind of money David De Gea’s on, but it’s not enough
RT @stephanie_reah: This lady found a “lost cat” outside, took it Into her house and bathed it. When really it’s a mountain lion. LMAOO htt…
Every time a new iPhone is released, about 2 weeks later - not too soon to be suspicious - my current one begins la…
Harry's commentary in this suggests the English game could finally have the legendary Andy Gray co-commentator spot…