circarolle (@circarolle)

Lakers in 7. Heat take Game 1.
“Done more” And what have you done, exactly? Pat yourself on the back for some tweets while actual Armenians fight…
In on Denver ML +450. Let's ride.
@ankollatos They're attacking each other every single chance they get. This is hilarious.
I like the Nuggets to win tonight.
Why is Draymond carrying all this water for Lebron recently?
@Dubs408 So $180 in bonuses you gotta play through basically?
Wu Tang? Not a single Asian in sight. Cultural appropriation.
@TrippyBatman @jrichardgoodman Bam is the best player on that team.
They’re both from the suburbs.
I don't see them available right now but I would guess around -135.
Cleveland: 11 years of LeBron, 1 title Miami: 4 years of LeBron, 2 titles Los Angeles: 2 years of LeBron, 1 title*…
This has been a pretty horrendous third quarter from Andre Iguodala.
The angle of that Udonis Haslem speech where you couldn't see the faces of the teammates he was speaking to was ...…
Still confident in this. In the meantime... Miami 1st-to-10, 1st-to-20, and 1Q ML all cash. On to the next.
Rolling with the Celtics tonight. Think we get a Game 6.
Lebron went back to Cleveland for no reason other than the proximity to his hometown. He gave them 11 (ELEVEN) year…
Lakers used literally every single asset they had to build this team. Y’all love celebrating franchises that are in…
How is this any different from the rest of NBA twitter? Pot. Kettle.