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@PatricksPeople not worth it.If for no other reason we should step back.
@PatricksPeople News spoke if NI having land border with EU country and ignored Gibraltar completely.The risk to Good Friday Agreement is
@JamesMunro5 @glasgowgirl14 @MrScottMcGinnis @RevRichardColes Dumbarton road would have been a trade thoroughfare.The park had carriages
@JamesMunro5 @glasgowgirl14 @MrScottMcGinnis @RevRichardColes The park entrance and vista of uni would have been main focus,carriages
@RobertJSomynne @scotgov FM submits a full paper ,Tories use back of a fag packet
RT @RobertJSomynne: Lord Kerr: "@scotgov submitted a rather impressive paper. May has dismissed the key proposals. She could have been more…
@BBCScotlandNews Good to see such consideration.My mum uses walking aids and doesn't shop alone but this would still be good for her.
@RobertJSomynne The rhetoric employed will not endear us to EU negotiators.Think gun boat diplomacy went out with Boxer Rebellion.
RT @RobertJSomynne: Lord Kerr: "Article 50 isn't about trade but divorce. May won't get to start negotiations on her terms." #Brexit
RT @RobertJSomynne: Lord Kerr on EU ntls: "Using people as disposable capital is disgusting. They came here and are entitled to our care an…
@AngrySalmond ScotSquad.Tomorrows police force in action today.
RT @StFilansDream: That's surely a departure from his job description #Tories @DavidMundellDCT = Viceroy
Anyone know of public transport running from New Southern to Partick,after midnight?Called First Bus,last bus is 2248.What do staff do?
@GeorginaSparrow @ToALouse @Christia_Allard @StFilansDream Thank you for confirming the unionist stereotype.
@4deerhound @PeatWorrier @GailLythgoe within EU.I see what EU money has paid for in Highlands.I knew Kosovo refugees,we must not forget.
@4deerhound @PeatWorrier @GailLythgoe to Malta with Glasgow District Netball squad,all paid for by Leonardo find ,encouraging sport,learning
@4deerhound @PeatWorrier @GailLythgoe My children gave all travelled,have fruends on uni exchange programmes in EU.Eldest daughter went
RT @Obey___: May's angle on Brexit is to enable the trashing of worker's rights,human rights and dismantling the welfare state.Time for Sco…