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Is it possible to pay @Pinterest to escape its “promoted content” hell? #ux #cx
I know I am late to the party. But let me tell you: CSS grid rocks. #css #web #development
@notionhq A typical database in Notion is perhaps 5, 6 MB max, right? Why not download and store the entire thing? #ux
The @CreditSuisse / Swiss Bankers App experience for their debit card, 9 out of 10 tines. #ux #broken
The @CreditSuisse / Swiss Bankers App experience for their debit card, 9 out of 10 tines. #ux #broken
RT @nytopinion: It's easy to shirk any responsibility for mass shootings if you follow this G.O.P. guide.
Twitter is killing the Mac App? It means I will use it even less often. #ux #brand #shootingyourownleg
My genuine reaction to @netflix’s medieval territorial thinking is, I want to cancel my Netflix account. I am a tra…
So much for @netflix’s idea of downloading a show on your iPad for traveling. Totally broken conception of how thin…
@notionhq Thanks for letting me know. How would I know this as a user? #ux
Hey, @NotionHQ, how do I log in if I already have an account? Your app logged me out again. #ux
Looks like @NotionHQ’s iOS app becomes useless when you’re offline. Shows an empty screen with the logo. Why? #ux
@pauljobson But A Small Orange tried to charge me four weeks in advance, way before the next period would begin. I…
@pauljobson I cancelled A Small Orange in due time. I knew they would renew in a couple of weeks and cancelled just before that.
Best part: once you call the Swiss division of @AmericanAir, they hang up on you automatically after you went through the menu. #ux #cx
@americanair Not a browser problem, it is your system shutting customers out when the cc country is different than the passenger country.
@culturedcode @kevinwaldron If you design a door that is too small for people, most people will still squeeze through it and say nothing.
@culturedcode @kevinwaldron If you base your UX decisions on popularity contests, good luck. It’s a sure way to make Things harder to use.
@culturedcode @kevinwaldron Readability is not a majority democracy decision. It has to do with good design and human ergonomics. #ux
Never seizes to amaze me how broken airline websites are, like @AmericanAir. You’d think they got a grip on it, given the competition. #ux