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@jpwarren Yeah, @Telstra also does this :(
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@woollyams that’s half way to a letter from the queen! congratulations
RT @Bandcamp: With styles that range from energetic to laconic and from linear to abstract, these off-grid Southeast Asian record labels tr…
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another successful (and #serverless) #DevOpsGirls event done - thanks heaps, seekau folks! . #WeekendLearning
*much* useful advice from @TheresaNeate in between #DevOpsGirls sessions at seekau @ SEEK
phase 1 (clickops) of today’s #DevOpsGirls session with Ben. . #SEEK #WeekendLearning seekau @ SEEK
A pair of high-powered volunteers for #DevOpsGirls. . #WeekendLearning seekau @ SEEK
our man @hatchman76 explains all things Cloud to our #DevOpsGirls at seekau. . #WeekendLearning #DevOps #Serverless
about to kick off another #DevOpsGirls session, this time at seekau! @ SEEK