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Another Troop of mini Rocky's on there way to @rocksglasgow tomorrow thank goodness,these 3 are out of control 😂🦍🦍🦍… https://t.co/IEdJ8DfIQq
RT @jinty996: @LesleyBalmer @csportstitch just a small video of the Teddy Bears flying https://t.co/RX4t57c1Ck
@jinty996 @LesleyBalmer OMG that's fantastic 😍😍
Thank you @ClanIHC for a great night had lots of fun, no winners with team CSS #sundaydrivers 🚗😂 https://t.co/kaAWEWup5G
@stuboy14 You are very welcome #stitchedisbest 😉
Check out mini Rocky in his fancy new clothes 🦍 #rocks #ROCKY #basketball #mascots https://t.co/xBFvhLaCSY
@Dizzyfish @MotherwellFC @carolemacleay Thank you @Dizzyfish for an awesome day with great company #box39club ⚽️
It’s a weekend home double bill @ClanIHC v @steelershockey tonight & tomorrow Clan take on the @MKLightning can the… https://t.co/R2TKCKaXjO
@kirst85b @ClanIHC This tabard comes in loads of colours so if you ever need more get in touch 😁
How cool is this my fancy dress tabard from the @ClanIHC Halloween game has a new home #RecycleReuse 🐴🐴 https://t.co/YgvqQtoNOL
@jardinecaj @ClanIHC @grus1 @Rumpz91 Now I’d not thought of that #SoundsLikeAPlan 🤪
So I saw this today and thought 🤔 I love a project, this would be cool! what do you think @ClanIHC @grus1https://t.co/K5yQUZZhyL
@stevensonangela Yes definitely, that’s no problem #1stBirthday
It’s game day hope to see some fantastic costumes tonight when @ClanIHC take on @cardiffdevils can’t wait to see th… https://t.co/iEBelgJOdb
@37ChrisWard happy birthday hope you had a great day x 😁🎉🍾
@Ackersc_22 @Mcr_Storm It’s the only way to go 😁👍🏒 #stichedisbest you can check out more of my work at https://t.co/nlmlpG2Wn1
@Ackersc_22 Yes it would be the same and I have the C no extra cost 😋 #stitchedisbest
@Ackersc_22 It would be £30 to have a name and number and the front number stitched, plus return postage. Thanks fo… https://t.co/wDKnbhJbCr
It’s not only the @ClanIHC v @MKLightning game to look forward to tomorrow make sure you get to the merchandise st… https://t.co/BXtBfEPXYB
Watching the @dundeestarslive webcast tonight just to hear the patter 🤪 #dundeestarslive