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Check the latest colours for customising in stitch, purple tartan or purple glitter tartan. #stitchedisbest https://t.co/cNAxkutEzp
@ScottMDavid8317 @NHLBruins You are very welcome glad I could help #stichedisbest 😁🏒
Both embroidery machines working away this morning so must be time for..... @Dizzyfish timeout #DizzyfishTimeOuthttps://t.co/sumJrWXhM6
Get in touch to have this seasons replica fully customised in stitch. #stitchedisbest https://t.co/he3ml0az54
Meet Shivering Timbers the Paisley Pirates mascot a full range of new Pirates booty will be available soon so make… https://t.co/4VOQO6TqfP
A wee bit of embroidery customising today for @Lexusglasgow sponsored @ClanIHC coach Pete Russell #Lexus #sponsorhttps://t.co/qxEFVA8jxy
Check out these before and after pictures we did on @NHLBruins replica that was damaged , now repaired #goodasnew 😋… https://t.co/M0SjvFCF5e
@ClanIHC replicas are in. Get in touch with CSS for fully stitched customisation #StitchedIsBest https://t.co/lkTqUINT4q
@dazz20 @LesleyBalmer Hi it's £25 for a name and single digit number and £30 for a name and double digit number thi… https://t.co/6xkjxG9wDn
A few of the stitched customised replicas this week. We can customise all teams so get in touch, if you want someth… https://t.co/O0xjOoP2S5
@S_Tanski I'm sure you'll both have a great season #topteam #purplearmy #Clan