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RT @ShanghaiJayin: Tesla’s response via Weibo Official Account. I hope Tesla can response quicky to bring out the report. https://t.co/2mbr
“Tesla and Panasonic need couples counseling ASAP,” said Craig Irwin of Roth Capital Partners. “This is looking lik… https://t.co/dtSU9rdgEu
New story with @pashakun, my colleague in Tokyo: https://t.co/zLOSfRM2zn
@oxygenO211 ? we moved a story on this last night.
"Elon, if you were to ask Andrej Karpathy when he believes Tesla will be technically capable of Level 5 autonomy, w… https://t.co/HxXhszV8s7
@Gali asks: Can we expect the pace of pricing changes to continue? Can you elaborate on the price hike trajectory… https://t.co/olFnXPpXd3
JASON D. ASKS "I have been a large shareholder for the last three years and it has been frustrating to see my share… https://t.co/4JPyF660r7
RT @sdmoores: @danahull @EVAdoptionTweet Yep so all Gigafactory output is 2170s NCA for Model 3. Tesla Energy has always been a separate co…
RT @Tesla: Tesla Autonomy Day is on Mon, April 22nd Watch the event livestream @11am PDT: – https://t.co/ZA0fWV7ATVhttps://t.co/aUISVo
RT @DiinSilversmith: Being told ”no one cares” every time I pitched a story about Indigenous people for a news story. Now I am the Indigeno…
@sunriverflow @business @WSJ @latimes our story on this moved last night
@tesla_truth Give me a break. Our story on The Push took weeks of reporting, the company and board had ample opport… https://t.co/rCKedVRvv7
RT @SpaceflightNow: NASA says today’s Crew Dragon accident at Cape Canaveral occurred during hotfire testing of the SpaceX capsule’s SuperD…
RT @EmreKelly: Couple of things on #SpaceX Crew Dragon: – Unconfirmed reports: Capsule "all but destroyed" – Here's a photo gallery: http…
RT @JimBridenstine: NASA has been notified about the results of the @SpaceX Static Fire Test and the anomaly that occurred during the final…
was trying to have a weekend 😳 https://t.co/wVsboNT3IE
@Robotbeat It's 2170s for the Model 3 but 18650s for the energy products, is my understanding--but happy to be corrected if wrong