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@TrainerRoad Ah different FTP was indeed the cause. Thanks
@TrainerRoad Any recent reports of sync issues with TP or Strava? My latest ride was synced with not thumbnail and… https://t.co/2OeUZAD3k2
@dcrainmakerblog Thinking of getting a Garmin 935 but am hesitant that they may launch a new version soon. Is there… https://t.co/7VjgrwKkrO
RT @TrekSegafredo: Simply RT this tweet & follow @TrekSegafredo for the chance to win a @JBLaudio headphone - you have until Sunday July 8t…
@iain Yeah recovery is going good mate. Saw surgeon today and he has given the go ahead to start running again🙌
@iain Recovery is an important part of performance. make sure you are allowing your body time freshen up, heal and grow stronger.
Know what grids my gears? When an event website fails to provide details about entry costs. I’m looking at you… https://t.co/6YYlEToHwu
RT @LoriG: By age 35 you should have a huge box of cables but you can't throw them out because you're pretty sure you still need a couple o…
RT @KetanJ0: Dear website, - I don't want you to post notifications to my desktop - I don't want to subscribe to your thing via a popup -…
@TheGerryEdwards Pretty much have you and these guys on looped repeat https://t.co/Q8ZudtXBcz
@TheGerryEdwards I’m really enjoying Keep off the Grass. Top work feller.
@cyclingprogram I do the same as @ROB_DALLIMORE if I’m feeling sluggish in a TR interval I chase someone on Zwift… https://t.co/S6OoLs2OQV
RT @evainfeld: As soon as you give people a metric they're judged by, they optimize for that metric rather than do quality work. This one…
@iain Thanks buddy. With keyhole surgery I will Hopefully be back running in 6 weeks time.
@iain I'm somewhat jealous as I currently can't run at al :( Have knee surgery planned for early next month.
@iain Sorted then :) Having a training plan is by far the best way to go. One thing I learnt the hard way is that n… https://t.co/mklAmvbohm