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How is “love it or leave it” compatible with “make America great again?”
The Sims taught us a valuable lesson about late-stage capitalism: after gaming the economy and building your dream… https://t.co/j8BotOqIQy
A Dog’s Purpose for true dog lovers wouldn’t be about one dog-soul repeatedly experiencing aging and death to serve… https://t.co/dIVWV8eWUn
RT @danielmachado: Adam Corbett has a new solo song and it's super cool https://t.co/19531MOYDi
Adam Corbett has a new solo song and it's super cool https://t.co/19531MOYDi
RT @JordanUhl: "Weak minds and leaders challenge loyalty to our country in order to avoid challenging & debating the policy." — @AOC with p…
"Go back to _______" is such basic my-daddy-says racism that I first heard it on the playground of a South Carolina… https://t.co/u7wOJgYrCJ
RT @LilNasX: I act like im ok but deep down inside i wanna release another old town road remix
@goodmanw Thank you for this special bulletin because I had no idea.
Finally saw @SpiderVerse. It has the magic Disney fails to recapture in their 90s remakes. It understands that anim… https://t.co/k80AilEAkC
This retrospective of The Fugitive by @SorayaRoberts explains why it lives in a very particular place in my movie m… https://t.co/hnCx9P2sL2
Still thinking about season 2 of Fleabag.
RT @BristowatHome: 3 years ago, on the 1st anniversary of the Confederate flag’s removal from the State House grounds, more than 100 flag s…
I signed this open letter calling for transparency and proper protocol in the selection of @UofSC's next president.… https://t.co/sPC2qy19cE
RT @Mikel_Jollett: REPUBLICANS: But what if it turned out a major Democrat was a pedophile? DEMOCRATS: We’d lock him the fuck up. REPUBLI…
@frjones_ Kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy.
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Trump throwing a military parade for himself despite never serving in the military is a metaphor for his entire existenc…
RT @JordanLawrence: No matter what you do this Independence Day week, I recommend you get in the car and ride with some MIDIMarc on the ste…