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RT @EmmaJeter: If you’re from sc and haven’t voted for @mentnelson vans yet... are you really from sc? #moo
RT @mentnelson: I designed this shoe for the #vanscustomculture contest. Please vote for my design. Voting is Oct 1-13. You get one vote pe…
“I like being a person” is both a mental health high point and my highest thought of 2019.
It was one of my favorite nights, y’all. https://t.co/zlhLUAiEab
RT @TheRestoration: We can’t believe it’s already been a week since we celebrated the hometown release of West (out globally Oct. 25) with…
RT @kristinmorris: Hey! My buds are doing some cool stuff across the river. 😎 https://t.co/ea7yCufIdR
If being on twitter to promote stuff today ruins El Camino I’ll never forgive myself.
RT @TheRestoration: NEW SINGLE! "I'll Never Leave You" feat. Tim Eriksen premeires at @ventsmagazine today! Full album out Oct. 25. https:…
Set up and ready to play some @TheRestoration tunes solo and provide some vinyl copies of West to interested partie… https://t.co/Vx9bdbS4AY
RT @TheRestoration: Vinyl copies of West shipped today to NJ, PA, VA, WI, GA, IL, NY, OH, CA, WA, OR, NC, and MD! https://t.co/XP3diBItJR
Stephen Russ and I put out our 6th co-produced album Friday. He worked countless hours guiding the new… https://t.co/erJaoiWUqX
RT @RememberThisPod: Only 2 weeks and 1 day until the new season of @RememberThisPod debuts on October 22! Subscribe to get new episodes in…
It’s actually kind of sad that this dude thinks the south loves him as much as slavery. https://t.co/4Egf8r8iGQ
Hideo Kojima wished he was filmmaker. I wish I’d put urination mechanics in a AAA video game. Guess we all have dreams.
RT @JordanLawrence: I wrote about how @TheRestoration's wonderful, unusual 2010s led the band to its remarkable second LP. Via @FreeTimesSC