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To be fair, when Donald Trump said, ""We have by far the highest I.Q. of any cabinet ever assembled," he meant "incompetence quotient."
Did Treasury nominee Steve Mnuchin really just use the Octomom as a reference?
Seems Rick Perry thought, as Energy Secretary, he'd be maintaining US stockpiles of energy drinks, for Trump's late night Twitter rampages.
Tell me what you want! What you really, really want! #PutMusicInMyHead #ZigUhZigAh
Don't b nervous when u see "Betty White" trending, cuz she's never gonna die! must b her birthday or something, let's sing #PutMusicInMyHead
#KidsIn5Words More mature than Donald Trump
Orange Face prepares to hit Mister with a Superfly Splash off the top of the grill "RIP Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka"… https://t.co/FCI7MELBd5
As a gift, we ordered you a set of water resistance sheets, for every bed in the entire White House; go nuts! #InObamasLetterToTrump
I'm leaving you a nug, middle draw of the Oval Office desk. Maybe consider saving it until your impeachment hearing? #InObamasLetterToTrump
We're sorry for our part in the election of Donald Trump #NewTwitterSlogans
This is the LAST time we'll consider Friday the 13th unlucky. Moving forward, bad luck will be reserved for Friday the 20th #TrumpInaugural
3 Doors Down might as well be called, the Nickelback of MS, only with less talent. #TrumpInaugural
3 Doors Down? I'm gonna need to be a helluva whole lot more doors down, if I'm gonna have to listen to this crap. #TrumpInaugural
In 2017, celebrities who trend on Twitter (such as Matthew Perry), won't be sentenced to death.
When Republicans say "We're #FixingHealthCare," they mean in the way the mob threaten to "fix you, but good; capiche?!" #GrandpaUsedToTellMe