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With all due respect, I wish everyone safe travels and hope we dont have to bust out our super soakers but in any c… https://t.co/CezUNtNGW5
Love me or hate me but Im blunt, and always have been. If these people showed up invading my neighborhood my neigh… https://t.co/WSM1uPBCHh
I love my fellow humand sna I don't think all of those people are bad, but they really need to enter America the co… https://t.co/OX4qmw9bLN
Were gonna need a lot of tear gas and beanbag guns lmao
RT @RealJack: Democrats depict the migrant caravan as a big group of harmless struggling women & children... When in reality there’s thous…
RT @Education4Libs: If you want America to stay America. Go out & vote Republican.
RT @livepositive11: The day is what you make it! So why not make it a great one?
RT @FoxNews: .@POTUS: "We need a wall built fast." https://t.co/92EkDeMk3Y
RT @nomoreabuse2018: The Message... “A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward.” ~ William John Bennett #themessage https://t.…
RT @Education4Libs: How can anybody possibly think Donald Trump is the anti-Christ? This man literally campaigned on the foundation of Chr…
RT @hrenee80: So, is there no one who can stop George Soros? This is way outta control.
RT @MindTendencies: Those who are grateful won't be hateful Those who are hateful won't be grateful
RT @loa_thesecret: "Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it." -Brian Tracy
An angry mob is laughable compared to our typical everyday American Soldiers. I don't know what these people were… https://t.co/UXHGiJVtFF
Our military is the strongest it has ever been and we have all of the weapons we need to repel you from our country… https://t.co/couqwqN1x3
Im a peaceful person most of the time but I have a warning for those illegal aliens heading to our southern border:… https://t.co/vSvWciyR0z
RT @Smoochie6005: It's That Time of Year 🎃 https://t.co/3QWetK2hG7
RT @Texasexpatriate: Migrant caravan overwhelms Mexican authorities, Moves on toward U.S. They want to force @realDonaldTrump 's hand and…
RT @StressFreeKids: Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished ~ LaoTzu #quote https://t.co/24ftIqiMP2
RT @invisibleman_17: LEAVE THAT FISH ALONE DAVE!!!! 📹ig: Catloversclub https://t.co/UGnEviX0Tc