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RT @maxcdesign: *electric feel by mgmt starts playing* my serotonin:
RT @getFANDOM: RIP Jason Momoa’s beard. The actor shaved his facial hair after seven years to raise awareness for reducing plastic usage an…
RT @hoegenic: 5 things i wiII NOT be this summer: bored, broke, mad, stressed or bothered
RT @DUALIPA: Sometimes people come into your life and teach you to love again. Enjoy those moments.
Lucifer is such a good show, I literally just wanna hug him cause I see the good in him 🥺.
I hook up the whole fam with my Hulu and Netflix, even in Guatemala 😂.
RT @beverIyIaureI: tame impala and asap rocky last night. these damn crossovers are getting braver by the day
RT @a_roach06: The Rosa de Guadalupe music... BYEEE im obsessed
RT @mama_ashley_: Earth Day is in 2 days! Here are 60 changes you can make to help this beautiful planet we call home 🌱🌎
RT @socialequitysc: Rest In Power Nigel Shelby 💔 A 9th grader from Huntsville, Alabama. Nigel died by suicide after experiencing relentles…
RT @BriHallOfficial: This new Wife Swap is a Trip
RT @Alythuh: Day in my life as a full time artist 🎨
RT @tamararenaye: To me, “sexy” is hardly found in what a person looks like. “Sexy” is an aura and it’s in the way you carry yourself.
RT @simpIefuckery: slash. that’s it. that’s the tweet.
RT @WrittenByHanna: We're really about a week away from "I'm looking like Floyd in this Mayweather" tweets
RT @yungjocee: my friends when they see me texting my ex
RT @legallyines: i never lost my virginity because i don’t lose
RT @RidiculousDak: Corals aren't plants they're animals. Imagine carving your name on cats/dogs...
RT @Jwood_1: This summer will be full of fun & income. I’m speaking it into existence
RT @short_disaster: I’m trying to be successful enough to do this for my parents one day