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One wish can change your whole world. Disney’s #Aladdin is now playing in theaters, see it again.… https://t.co/xJA9glkv5f
RT @MenaMassoud: #Aladdin is Will’s biggest movie, coincidently it’s mine too! 😉 Still can’t believe this awesome journey. Here’s a look ba…
#Aladdin just became the biggest movie of my career! I’m honored and I’m Speechless. (You see what I did there? Go… https://t.co/xSTTNQ19rQ
RT @MenaMassoud: Awesome to be nominated for a #TeenChoice! Thanks for your support guys 🙏🏽Retweet to vote! https://t.co/3UZIodRZ2h
RT @MenaMassoud: There’s no place like home! Ending our #Aladdin press tour in Toronto was beyond special & so happy to have brought the fi…
RT @MenaMassoud: Smiling because #Aladdin is the number 1 movie in the UK for the 4th weekend in a row! Thanks so much for all your support…
Don’t miss the worldwide phenomenon. Disney’s #Aladdin is now playing in theaters, see it again. Get tickets:… https://t.co/xAgGEsESXP
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You aint never had a friend like me. 🧞Happy #BestFriendsDay from Disney’s #Aladdin. See the film in theaters now, g… https://t.co/lG0Wa3l1bH
RT @MenaMassoud: Just a royal reminder that #Aladdin is still out in theaters. We have pets in our film 2. Just saying 😉 https://t.co/6umpH