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Budget-constrained Edge Service Provisioning with Demand Estimation via Bandit Learning.
Combinatorial Auctions with Interdependent Valuations: SOS to the Rescue.
A Learning Framework for Distribution-Based Game-Theoretic Solution Concepts.
A Truthful Cardinal Mechanism for One-Sided Matching.
Securely Trading Unverifiable Information without Trust.
A Network Monitoring Game with Heterogeneous Component Criticality Levels.
Bulow-Klemperer-Style Results for Welfare Maximization in Two-Sided Markets.
A Quantum Annealing Algorithm for Finding Pure Nash Equilibria in Graphical Games.
Optimal Price of Anarchy in Cost-Sharing Games.
The Rock--Paper--Scissors Game.
Stable Roommates with Narcissistic, Single-Peaked, and Single-Crossing Preferences.
FAVE: A fast and efficient network Flow AVailability Estimation method with bounded relative error.
Computing Approximate Equilibria in Sequential Adversarial Games by Exploitability Descent.
Robustness against Agent Failure in Hedonic Games.
Compact Representation of Value Function in Partially Observable Stochastic Games.
Pay to change lanes: A cooperative lane-changing strategy for connected/automated driving.
Transparency and Control in Platforms for Networked Markets.
Optimal Time Allocation in VANETs Advertising: A Price-based Approach using Stackelberg Game.
From Hotelling to Load Balancing: Approximation and the Principle of Minimum Differentiation.
Weighted Voting on the Blockchain: Improving Consensus in Proof of Stake Protocols.