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RT @evolvepolitics: It is utterly extraordinary that some Labour MPs believe this tripe spewed out by Number 10 is some sort of “legally bi…
@leftoutside @kadhimshubber You don't get paid for ignoring the horse phone, you get paid for being the kind of guy… https://t.co/6ndSgl1PfL
@neoliberal_dad I've certainly also said "bottom line if that guy's on the project then I am not", but on that occasion my shirt had sleeves
@neoliberal_dad I might, possibly in my life, have said "I'm fucking done with handing out 3 months worth of work f… https://t.co/onyTxk0du1
RT @labourpress: This empty gesture isn't worth the paper it’s written on. If Boris Johnson was committed to workers' rights and environmen…
RT @yorksranter: The link goes to the No.10 front page https://t.co/DVjxFpKeFU
RT @iammightor: No 10 have outlined the Premium™ package of inspections they will provide for @gareth_snell’s wallet, including: - thorough…
@celestialweasel @cstross The one that sticks in my mind is his quite lengthy discussion of the joys of Photoshoppi… https://t.co/pT4iNv9nG5
@CallumCarmichae @BeijingPalmer Surprising they didn't grow taller really.
I mean jesus no wonder media is dying https://t.co/F3rkhHJNcz
@snilttroll Let's not get ahead of ourselves but thanks!
@dubdobdee @cstross Yes, he mentions that in the interview I read although he came to "brain of the firm" because h… https://t.co/F4g7F6V1NI
@celestialweasel @cstross I have, but never got to that appendix which I now need to reread
@cstross No joke of a lie. Quoted in David Whittaker's memoir of SB.
@gem_ste Trying to draw the threads together at the moment for a book proposal to (grandiosity alert) bring SB back… https://t.co/gEZ6Ov3cxv
@NLondonHousewif Closing down the coal mine meant more than a 5% income loss for coal miners
Just discovered that Brian Eno was a huge fan of Stafford Beer's writings, considered "Brain Of The Firm" to be the… https://t.co/17LqTmneNB