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RT @spudowiar: "only inexperienced trapeze artists need safety nets" https://t.co/A3UxhzWS7H
RT @zoom_zoomzo: Executing zk-STARK in Rust 👏 https://t.co/0c8XrrqwEa
RT @ManishEarth: I think this is super important really. Lack of good support for languages in computing may be slowly killing them as wri…
RT @AMAZlNGNATURE: Lake Wanaka, New Zealand 🇳🇿 https://t.co/DsNBc1Zqsn
@MKannwischer Apparently this isn't practiced for some reason. People want reviews back from the conference first.… https://t.co/XXnF1fwIuJ
(and everyone else in the audience is working on their presentation while you're talking, lol...)
The actual conference presentations are hilarious. There are usually two or three people in the audience who unders… https://t.co/ARtI0KhjUS
We need to think of the crypto field like we think of medicine and similar fields. If we stall making progress, mor… https://t.co/1jlXGxcElL
I'm not an academic so I just don't see the point of this crap. I'm working on a paper with compelling improvements… https://t.co/l6oiKzajw5
Why not just post your paper on eprint? The reviewers at crypto conferences will not find actual flaws (they don't… https://t.co/ClChhD3VKo
RT @nic__carter: So proud of the Coinmetrics team for this forensic analysis. One of the most fascinating case studies I've come across. Pr…
RT @hdevalence: I wrote about why I quit my PhD: https://t.co/EtbAAB9lDp
RT @ivomagi: This is your 1500ms latency in real life situations - https://t.co/guot8khIPX
RT @Jon_Christian: I love WikiHow illustrations so much https://t.co/ZEj6PerbMD